Saturday, October 13, 2007


I have been away for awhile due to pc trouble...eeek! Anywho, I am hoping to be set up soon. A few quick things, there have been inquiries on a few of my posted projects and I will get to answer them when I'm set up. Thank you so very much Amy S for everything you sent me in the Summer Round of Secret Pal, and Tracey, I hope you enjoyed everything I sent you. Loopy, I did receive your card, thank you so much! It was a joy to hear from you. I've missed you all so much! and would have been back sooner, but we are getting ready for our sweet little one, so we have had other expences recently. Let's see, oh...I was published in the Pattern A Day Calander, twice! Yeah! Praise Jesus, and go check it out! I know I'm forgeting something, and I'm sorry for neglecting this blog, but I will catch back up very soon, here and at the Ville. I have some great projects to hopefully show soon! Have a beautifully blessed weekend and God Bless!