Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thank You Lady Secret!!!

Thank you Sweet Jesus! My PC is working! Yay!

Thank You Miss Lady Secret! I received some goodies today! 5 lovely dish cloths, and 1 will not be used b/c it simply is devine! They all are, some great recipes, a note and handmade Birthday card! YAY! 3 Hershey's bars..and one is dark mmmmmmm.......and Earl Grey Tea! Which the scent is driving me absolutely batty, I simply must have some now! So Here's the photo of my sweet goodies! Thank you again Miss Lady! You are such a thoughtful, sweet and special blessing! I know you are putting thought behind every single card, e-mail, package, question and you are sending me something more than that, your friendship! Thank you very much!


CarolT~aka~Cat said...

You are welcome for the round ripple blinkie!!!
I hope you have a great day tomorrow.
I want to put your blogs link on my blog, I hope that's ok!!

Heart said...

Sure thing Carol! Thanks again.