Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My Pinneapple Scarf!!!

Praise the Lord for such a fun, wonderful gift!!! Look what I did last night! I just said a prayer, picked up my hook and began!!!! I love this! It's my favorite so far!!!! I may try to make one in # 3 thread sometime...hmmmm...better get to it!
***I posted the pattern for a short time, here and at the ville, b/c there were so many inquiries about it. However, it will only be availably for a few more days! because....I submitted my pattern to the Pattern A Day, so please say a prayer, maby it will be in there for next year!! ;)

1 comment:

mastammen said...

Your pinneapple scarf is beautiful
Is there any way i can get your pattern?
Thank You mastammen@yahoo.com