Friday, May 4, 2007

Dress for Maddi

~~I also made a few of these for the pregnance center, you can see them in the latest posts about the Cherokee Pregnancy Center.~~

This is for baby Madison. She is the daughter of a friend at church. Since I ran out of thread for the sweet little dress I'm testing to give her as a gift, I made this yesterday. The top is crocheted and has a shell border. The bottom is red with tiny white polka dots. Not my usual colors, but very cute! Ever since seeing this idea on the Carol Duval show, I have loved it. Here's a link to the original idea, I didn't do the shell pattern, I just did dc back and forth, it was quicker.

I also made a few of these and posted them in the latest post for the Cherokee Pregnancy Center. I did a flying V st on those. I used a crochet nylon. Bought from Wal Mart, it is about $3.49 a roll, and is very shiny. It almost glows. Can't wait to see her in it. It has an empire waist, so the bottom will be huge like a mushroom top when she is sitting up. I think those are just the cutest!

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Lea said...

That is so very cute!!! You do come up with the most darling things