Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pretty things.....

I do not know what this is, it is growing along the edge by the forest. (doesn't forest sound much better then "woods") I just love it. There are yellow Irises growing here too. This is a bit of Ivy growing up the front porch.
Oh, how much do I love this plant. We have 2, and they attract butterflies. We always have a garden full of butterflies. The flowers are white, pink, and a dark pink. They are long and trumpet shaped, they reach about 10 feet high. This branch was low to the ground, the flowers bloom on top of the branches.

Aren't these flowers beautiful? They are growing all around my yard. Our pecan trees went through a hard frost, but they have bloomed back out. Praise the Lord! Hoping they will produce pecans this fall. They didn't last year, but I've been told they produce every other year, so we shall see. The one right behind my house is huge, it is sooo tall, you could stack my house on top of itself 3 times and the pecan tree would still be taller than that. I've tried to get a full photo, but you have to be so far away from it, you loose perspective. When it does have pecans, right before they fall, these massive branches touch the ground under the weight. A lovely sight. When it produces, everyone knows what they are getting for Christmas.

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