Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sweet Little Doily Bag CAL...

Yay!! It's finally here! I really have to thank the Lord! and Lea for the idea and inspiration. It has a vintage feel, I've seen old victorian patterns and photos of some small ones that hang from a ring and are held n the palm of the hand, used as a coin purse and to hold your dance card for the evening. Here it is....

size "D" hook

# 3 thread

fabric for lining

Day 1
ch 6, slst to join into a ring
R1 ch3 (counts as first dc) 2dc, ch1, into ring { 3dc, ch1,} 5 times. slst into beg. ch3 to end this row. for a total of 6 ch1 sps. and 18 dc.
R2 slst into top of second dc (middle of the 3dc group) ch4, slst into ch1 sp, ch4, slst into middle dc of next group around. equals 12, ch4, loops (kind of looks like a flower at this stage)
R3 slst to middle of next ch4 loop, ch4, (counts as dc, ch1) dc into the same loop, ch2, {dc, ch1, dc, ch2 into the next loop, repeat around} slst into the 3rd ch of the beg. ch4 to end this row. equals 24 dc, 12 ch1, sps, and 12, ch2 sps. You should have a flat circle shape.

Day 2
R4 slst into the next ch1 sp. ch3, 2dc into the same sp (counts as 3 dc) ch3, {3dc, ch3 into the next ch1 sp around} slst into the top of the beg. ch3 to end this row. skipping all the ch2 sps. equals 36 dc and 12, ch3 sps.
R5 slst into next dc, ch3, 2dc in same sp, ch3, sc into ch3 sp from prev. row, ch3, {skip dc, 3dc into next dc, ch3, skip next dc, sc in ch3 sp on prev. row, ch3} repeat around. slst into top of beg. ch3 to end this row. equals 36 dc, 12 sc, 24 ch3 sps.

Day 3
This next row is easy, just keep your chains a little loose.
R6 chain 3, (counts as first dc), dc in next 2 sts, ch6, skip all chain stitches on previous row and {1dc into each of the next 3 dc, ch6. repeat around, slst to the top of beg. ch3 to end this row. equals 36 dc, and 12, ch6 loops. (It may look like it is curling up after this row, don't frog yet, lay it flat and smooth it out first, if it still won't lay flat, look at your chains, are they tight? )
R7 ch3, (counts as first dc), dc in same sp, dc in next dc, 2dc in next dc, (equals 5dc), ch3, sc in ch6 loop from prev. row, ch3, {2dc in next dc, dc in next dc, 2dc in next dc, (5dc) ch3, sc in ch6 loop from prev. row, ch3} repeat around, slst into the top of the beg. ch3 to end this row. equals 60dc, 12sc, 24 ch3 sps.
R8 ch4, counts as dc, ch1, sk next dc, (dc, ch2, dc, ch1) in next dc, sk next dc, dc, in next dc. ch7, {dc in next dc, ch1, sk next dc, in next dc, put dc, ch2, dc, ch1, sk next dc, dc in next dc, ch7} repeat around, slst to 3rd. chain of beg. ch4 to end this row. equals 12, ch7 sps, 12, ch2 sps, 24 ch1 sps, 48 dc

Day 4
R9 slst over to the ch2 sp. ch3, (counts as first dc) 2dc, ch2, 3c in same sp, {ch4, sc in the ch7 sp, ch4, sk ch1 sp, (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in the ch2 sp}, repeat around and slst to the top of the beg. ch3 to end this row. equals 12 ch2 sps, 12 sc, 24 ch4 sps, and 72 dc
R 10 ch5, sc in ch2 sp, (skipping 2dc) ch5, sk 2dc, sc in last dc, {ch5, sc in ch4 sp, ch5, sc in next ch4 sp, ch5, sc in next dc, ch5, sk 2dc, sc in ch2 sp, ch5, sk 2dc, sc in last dc} repeat around, end with slst into the begenning chain, equals 60, ch5 loops. Fasten off and enjoy a sweet doily or make another one to complete the bag. Iron/block as needed to shape the loops on the edge.

Day 5
Yeah!!! Last day for those of you who want to go farther than the doily! Those of you who used # 10 thread, it is a coaster. Lay the two together, wrong sides together, so that you have the pattern repeats matching, and the 2 right sides facing out. We are counting both corresponding ch5 loops as 1, so when you crochet into 1 space, you will be going through both loops, front and back, at the same time. Keep the 2 doilies in the same position, pin it together a few times if you need to.
Attach thread into any 2 (front and back) doily loops, from now on counting the front and back as 1 loop.
ch1, sc in same loop, skip next loop, {into next loop do dc, ch1, 6 times, and dc, so you will have a shell with 7 dc, and 6 ch1 sps. sk next loop sc into the next loop, sk next loop}, continue around in this pattern until you have closed the doilies around, leaving 12 loops per side unworked, so you will have an opening. ending with a sc,

Handle...into the next loop do 3dc, chain 3, into the top of the last dc, put 2dc, ch3, into the top of the last dc put 2dc, so you are making a handle, without turning, it will have a small scallop. I like a shorter handle, just big enough to hang over the wrist, maby about 12" long, you can go as long or short as you want. When your handle is long enough for you, end on the other side of the opening {skipping the center 12 loops per side}, do 3dc into that last loop before the shell starts. slst into the beg. sc of shell border and finish off. You can sew in a liner if you want, just remember it will be seen so put the "pretty side" of the fabric facing out. Enjoy this sweet little doily bag!
Copyright 2007 Sarah Cooper.


Anonymous said...

It looks Easy!

cbedell said...

I would like to get the angel pattern as well as the other doilies you have showing. Please let me know how I can do this.

Anonymous said...

I can't get the whole pattern can you send it to me or do something that I can get the whole pattern. I can get only Day one

Melissa H. said...

Beautiful pattern that works up quickly. Made the first doily in one night and am starting the second one tonight.

Making this in yellow for my 2 y/o to carry as an Easter purse.

Just to let you know that a 1.45 mm steel hook with size 10 cotton thread makes a perfect size for a child's or toddler's purse.