Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thank You Miss Lady!!!

Today has been such a special blessing from my SP! I received the most touching and beautiful e-card, with the music "Indescribable" by Chris Tomlin playing in it! I love that song, and I also received in the mail a great package from her too! How did she know I loved note cards? Hmmm, she's been busy, or she knows me better than I thought! The sweet card, pink crocheted heart, are very special, and the buterfly applique and heart, Oh! This has been wonderful! Dare I say...I feel special, and spoiled! YAY! Thank You Lady Secret!

Photo at the ville, having trouble posting it here (?)

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Lady said...

Oh I am so glad you like everything. I didn't know if you would like notecards or not but I assumed you would since we have so much else in common and I adore notecards. So, I got you some.

Also, they had butterflies on them and I know you like butterflies. Also, they were in "neopolaton" colors so I HAD to get them for you.

I am getting another little package ready for you. Soon...very soon. :)