Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cherokee Pregnancy Center donatins

There are more, this is just what I took photos of tonight. There are 3 blankets, the Granny Square one I love. The pink one has a mini Crinoline Lady in the corner, and the blue one is edged with a yarn from Lady Anna. ~Thank You Miss Lady Secret!~ The 2 crochet and fabric dresses are inspired by an idea on the Carol Duval show a few years ago. I believe the designer is Candy Jensen..I'll have to look that up and see. The lavender dress is a pattern on~line, I just can't seem to remember which one, didn't follow it all the way either...I kinda like to add my own special touches. lol. Anyhow, there are hats, and bonnets, and I'm happy to say, I designed these bonnets, I did work 2 from a pattern after I made some of my own. The little bag is fleece, it has grograin ribbon for the handles, I sewed this little tote on my new sewing machine, a gift from my mother for my birthday! Yay! Thanks Mama! ;) There will be a matching blanket, just as soon as I can figure out how I want to edge it. Anyhow, I've rattled on, Enjoy the photos. These items will be delivered to the Center next week.

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Anna said...

Beautiful items. I am sure they will be appreciated very much. You are so sweet to make such darling things.