Monday, April 16, 2007

*~* Thrift Store Finds *~*

First things first, I needed round handles for my fat bottom, I love the other handles, and figured out how to make them work, I just wanted some round handles to make more as gifts. Found them at Hobby Lobby. They had 4 pairs in the entire store, all the bamboo look, which I love. So then, my sweet husband and I went into 2 different thrift stores, and I found these...Tea Pots! One in each store. The 1 serving, was marked with the original sticker for $17.99, and the thrift store sticker said $3.50, the lid is missing, but this one is just for looks, and the Larger one, $4, was usable, but when I went to wash it to set out, the glaze started cracking, so it is for looks too. Anyhow, I just love them! This is my new collection, the friend I made, whom I posted about a few posts ago, her kitchen cabinets are down about 18" from the ceiling, and she has them covered with tea pots and ivy. It is beautiful. Maby she will let me take a photo to post. Anywho, Enjoy the photos, oh, and my first attempt with # 80 thread, and a size 15 hook. Thank you Lady Anna!

(hopefully all the photos will post)

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