Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Up~Coming Events...

We are hoping to travel the short distance to Blowing Rock NC. in the next few weeks for a mini vacation. Also to check out the location. In September, they will be having the Mitford Series festival. It is also just a few days away from my husband's birthday, So we are hoping to go for the weekend to the festival. Anywho, Starting May 4, they will be running their historic locamotive. It is on the national registry of historic places/things. http://www.tweetsie.com/park_attractions/ One time I saw something about Thomas the Train will be on the front (?), and I know the boys would love to ride it then. http://www.blowingrockvacations.com/attractions.html We will also pan for gold, sight see, hopefully look off the beaten path and find some thrift stores. I would just love to nab a few vintage finds, doilies or thread. I am hoping to make a skirt to wear. I saw some really pretty ones on a vintage site, I think it was My Vintage Home, I just loved them. So I will be looking for some white fabric with some sort of motif on it that would make a sweet skirt. Of course it would have to be lined, also on a DIY show, they showed how to make this circle wrap skirt, but it had the overall shape of a fifties skirt, with a modern yet very lady like flair, I may not attempt this yet, but maby one day. And a tote bag, I may have to sew one of these too. Anyhow, I can barely wait to go to Blowing Rock to spend the day, or maby the weekend. There will be so many fun things to do. Spending time with my husband and my boys. Just a fantabulous time! Praise the Lord!

I am working on a sweet little pattern, actually testing it, so I can't post anything about it, but that will be taking up most of my crocheting time. Oh, and I joined the Butterfly Bag CAL at the ville, I think it will be beautiful. All the other bags designed by this lady are amazing. They have a vintage flair too. I will post back with that link soon. Have a lovely afternoon! God Bless!

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