Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oh no, What's a girl to do...?

Finally, I've finished my second Fat Bottom Bag, (I ran out of yarn for the first one, so it isn't finished) I have searched all over for handles, and sadly, I can not find them. I do so love these handles though. They are adorable. The only place I did not look is Hobby Lobby, hubby was having a hissy this morning and did not want to stop for me. Anyhow, I am using a white fabric, with tiny pink roses on it for the lining. Or maby navy with white polka dots. I have not decided on a flower yet, I have this Gerber Daisy, it is cream, however, a pink rose would be beautiful. So, on to my problem, Where can I find the correct handles...? I have to make these handles work, and I have an idea. I'll post back when I have the bag all finished. I have another idea to make this same type of bag, just with a different stitch, and increasing in a different area. Hhmmm, wouldn't you like to will post it too, as soon as it is finished. Enjoy your beautiful afternoon!

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