Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just thoughts....

For sometime, I have been considering school, work, and my life. I've been praying, and praying, and I simply adore being at home taking care of my children, my husband, and our home. This also allows me time to do charity work and church work too. Which I really love. The thing that keeps coming to mind is to start an on~line business, to sell some of the patterns I make on a regular basis. (my original patterns) I just don't know how to get started, I really would like to have my own .com site, instead of just Etsy, please don't misunderstand, Etsy is great, I personally would just love to have my own site. I also have a name that just came to me tonight. I was jotting down ideas, and this name just came right off my pen. Divine intervention.....? I'm guessing I would mail the patterns same day or next day, because I do not know how to make them available for download. See, I'm in a mess, I just do not know the first thing about setting up, monetary exchange, ect... Any ideas or thoughts are welcome.

I'm borrowing a word from Lady Anna today,

Hope you have a Delightful evening!

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Anna said...

Hey. That sounds like a wonderful idea. If you have any questions, please ask. I too have my own site and it is alot of work and alot of fun at the same time.