Tuesday, April 3, 2007

New Friend, thread and doilies...

This past Saturday, the Lord blessed me with a new friend! Yay! She and I have spent the past few days together, and our children play. She is so sweet and such a refreshingly cheerful lady. She takes time to visit, and enjoys company. It's like we've known each other for ages.

My local Wally World has finished deleting their yarn and thread. I went this morning to buy some pink size #10 and it was all gone. Now I will have to drive into the next city to buy my crochet items. I really wanted some pink thread today too. I wanted to make a pink doily. Ok, I will quit whinning now. hahaha

Doilies.....Yes, I have one to post, but I must wait a day or two...Maby I shall read some this evening, instead of crocheting the night away!

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